Friday, December 25, 2009

we're back

yes, we've been on hiatus-from the blog- because we started up a new project that is a spin off from bike-by-shootings.

check it out here

in the meantime, here's a sample:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Cyclist: Félix Perron

Hometown: Montreal

Location spotted : Stopped at a fork in the road in Mont-Royal Park

Destination and distance: St-Urbain and Rachel, 4K

Cycling months: From April until the snow comes.

Current ride: A two speed CCM Imperial Mark II. I got from a friend for 40 bucks.

Number bikes stolen: Five or six. This one I haven’t had it stolen yet. That’s why I leave it scrappy.

Number of bike accidents: I had one bike accident where I broke my arm. I was late and going too fast to Côte Vertu. But after that accident, I stopped biking for a couple of years because I was traumatized. For two years I didn’t buy a bike and instead I would get doubled by my friends to get a lift.

When not cycling: I work, I live.

Favourite ride: To go to the top of the mountain.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: I like the style of my bike.

Interesting bike story: Once when biking, I remember feeling really good- like a spiritual happiness.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Cyclist: Guillaume Barré

Hometown: Saint-Etienne, France

Location spotted: Locking his bike to a pole off the Clark bike path.

Destination and distance: Home, 15K

Cycling months: All year.

Current ride: A fixed-gear Soma that’s two months old.

First bike: It was a foldable blue bike. I had it when I was three years old.

Number of bikes: Eight

Number bikes stolen: Six or seven in 20 years.

Number of bike accidents: Two, but they were both my fault.

Why do you bike?: To get outside and check out what’s happening.

Biking pet peeve: Cyclists that pedal on the bike path in the wrong direction.

Bike tip: When you’re on your bike, do what you want the cars to do- like stopping at red lights.


Cyclist: Zeus Maya

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Location spotted: On the corner of Parc and Mont-Royal selling frozen goods

Destination and distance: To Parc Lafontaine, 15K

Current ride: The weird thing about this model is that it has a very fragile braking mechanism. Some of my friends have had the problem of the brakes system going off. I have at least 30 bottles of water with me, so that’s 30 kilos and let’s say another 30 kilos of ice cream. This thing (pats yellow part) weighs another 50 kilos. It’s around 100 kilos to pull.

Number bikes stolen: None, but I’ve had people tell me stories about people who come in and steal your stuff when you go to the bathroom. But I think it’s all urban legend in Montreal. I think no one really steals ice cream from the ice-cream man.

Number of bike accidents: Yes many, but not a big accident.

When not cycling: I’m here in Montreal because I like to check out the weird mix of human diversity that’s happening.

Favourite ride: Going to the Old Port.

Discovery through biking: I’ve had great insightful moments where I’ve understood that when you are moving at a slower pace in the city, you get a chance to see little moments like a sunset, a family spending time in the park, or some guy jogging in the streets. You get a chance to see those details more and I think you have a chance to be more in the present if you want.Notable quotable: In reality, I’m a sugar pusher.


Cyclist: Akiko

Hometown: China, Concord, ON

Location spotted : On the Villeneuve bike path trying to fix a broken handlebar.

Destination and distance: Going for an early morning random spin, ?K.

Cycling months: As long as it’s not icy.

Current ride: It’s a red plastic TNT Mount Bike. It was actually the decoration on my birthday cake for my 30th birthday. I guess it’s six years old now, and it’s starting to fall apart. Just now, half of my handle bar snapped off and I tried to repair it with electrical tape, but was not very successful. Also, the chain, which was a black elastic, fell off recently. But it’s surprisingly still rideable.

First bike: I think it was cotton candy pink with white stripes.

Number bikes stolen: None.

Number of bike accidents: I’ve had a lot of close calls, but nothing requiring an ambulance. But it’s sometimes a challenge to bike with no hands.

When not cycling: I like feasting at midnight, vermicomposting and pillow fights.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: I love kimonos, but it makes pedaling a little dicey.

Biking pet peeve: When drivers don’t see you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Cyclist: Martin Renière

Hometown: Trois-Rivières, QC

Location spotted : Coming up a trail on Mont-Royal

Destination and distance: To the back trails on Mont-Royal, 2K.

Cycling months: All year

Current ride: Marin double suspension mountain bike. I ride my road bike to get to work, and mountain bike on the weekends.

Number bikes stolen: None

Number of bike accidents: One big accident, and at least two or small ones.

When not cycling: I work for a bike parts distributor.

Favourite ride: I don’t have one. There are too many interesting trails for me.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: I have a fixed-gear bike, but I’m not into the style that goes around with it. I’m not really into bike fashion.

Number of years biking: Ten years and four years mountain biking.

Dream bike: A cross-country bike a bit like the one I have today.

Discovery through biking: I’m a biology student, so each time I’m on the trails, there’s something new. If I’m going at a relaxed pace, there’s mushrooms, trees or just the sounds of the birds.

Why do you bike? To push myself, and for the nature.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Cyclist: Eva

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Location spotted : Villeneuve and Jeanne-Mance

Destination and distance: Home, around the back alley to the front of the house, .02K

Cycling months: In the summer.

First bike: I don’t remember it.

Current ride: It’s purple. Somebody gave it to me because my bike was too little for me and I really wanted to learn how to bike with two wheels.

Number of bike accidents: I was riding my bike with my mother. I was going to cross the street and there was a bump. I wasn’t careful riding over it and I fell down and I had a big scratch (points at 6-inch scar on left shin).

When not cycling: Sleepovers, parties and making jewelry.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: I like biking in a helmet, t-shirt and shorts.

Discoveries while biking: There’s a lot of broken glass on the sidewalk.

Number of years biking: I started cycling when I was three.

Dream bike: This one I think.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Cyclist: Andrea Diodati

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Location spotted: Heading south on the Clark bike path

Destination and distance: Going home from the Jean-Talon market, 4K

Cycling months: As soon as the snow clears up, otherwise I’m too scared.

First bike: It was a beautiful sunburst orange Raleigh cruiser.

Current ride: It’s from the 70’s. It came with its own license plate, which is really amazing. I named it Stanley after my grandfather who had a bike store.

Number bikes: One

Number bikes stolen: None

Number bike accidents: None

When not cycling: Sewing. I’m in fashion design.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: Vintage outfits on vintage bikes are just so adorable, but everything looks good on a bike really. I love wearing full skirts on bikes and watching them blow in the wind.

Number years biking: Two years using it as a serious mode of transport.

Discovery through biking: I found it opened up all of Montreal to me. I’ve been here two years.
Why do you bike: I find biking really romantic. One of my favourite things is bike riding with a friend down Montreal streets and talking side by side.

Biking pet peeve: Cars. I get really angry. I swear a lot.

Bike Tip: Be really alert. Don’t wear headphones and don’t talk on a cell phone.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Cyclist: Jeff McMahon

Hometown: Portland, OR

Location spotted: Playing night bike polo

Destination and distance: From the Mile-End to Pointe Sainte-Charles, 8K.

Cycling months: All months

First bike: A blue, 20-inch BMX Current ride: A mid-80’s Venture frame that came from an auction. I stripped it down because everything was bad on it. I paid maybe 10 bucks for the frame.

Number of bikes: Five working ones.

Number bikes stolen: Three. The last one I got back. It happened the first month I came to Montreal last year. A month later after I had given up on it, I saw someone walking it down the street. I confronted them, started describing everything on the bike so they would know that I’m just not trying to pull a fast one on them. They very happily returned it to me. It was very non-confrontational.

Number of bike accidents: I quit counting. When not cycling: I’m fixing bikes and trying to feed myself.

Favourite ride: Riding in downtown Portland from the North side is pretty fun.

Thoughts on biking and fashion: They go pretty well together. A lot of people have developed their fashion to be practical while cycling and that’s cool.

Number of years biking: 18 out of 24.

Dream bike: A real old lugged classic Italian frame.

Discovery through biking: I came to Quebec a year ago and hadn’t really left the city until this summer and I found hills in Shawinigan a couple of weeks ago…Montreal is pretty flat. Why do you bike: I like staying fit and active. I enjoy riding in traffic and around people. It’s kind of like an obstacle course.

Biking pet peeve: Low tire pressure.

Bike Tip: Use lubricant on your chain and use it often. Wipe your chain after you’re done lubing it, otherwise it will pick up dirt and sand and stuff.


Cyclist: Dayne Waterlow

Hometown: Nelson, B.C.

Location spotted: Playing night bike polo

Destination and distance: From home to arena, .5K

Cycling months: All year

First bike: A white BRC. It had 12-inch wheels and in the winter I took the ski off my GT and put it on the front and rode around the block.

Current ride: It was my dad’s first road bike and he gave it to me. It was in bad shape. Now it’s my polo bike and it’s slightly dangerous. It has a cardboard front disc wheel.

Number of bikes: 9 bikes. I don’t have a garage, but I put them in my kitchen. (BBS: How do you cook in your kitchen?) Around my bikes. I don’t need to eat in there. I sit on a bike and eat if I need.

Number bikes stolen: One, and it was my fault.

Number of bike accidents: Lots, and lots of scars.

When not cycling: I’m a bicycle mechanic and I like to build things like airplanes out of balsa wood, guitar amplifiers, computers…anything nerdy.

Dream bike: That’s an impossible question because you have to be more specific on the genre…Dream polo bike would be an actual track version of the one I have now, but it wouldn’t fall apart.

Discovery through biking: I found a bear cave once. It was very scary. We crawled in it, then we saw bear footprints in the mud. So we went out as quick as we could.

Why do you bike: I don’t have a driver’s license and it’s easier to get around, faster more fun and good exercise.

Biking pet peeve: Cars- mostly cabbies.Bike Tip: Don’t follow the trends. Don’t get a fixed-gear and watch where you’re going.